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Paid search ads are a fast and efficient way to ensure that your practice is visible on search engine results.

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There are so many ways people search these days. How can you keep up? Our managed PPC campaigns help your practice show up for the right keyword. We produce 10 times more keyword patterns than the competition to outperform other ads.

Rank in search results for relevant keywords

We analyzed data from thousands of websites and reviewed over 1 million search queries to discover the ways people search for healthcare providers and services. Using this data we created our patent-pending Semantic Engine which automatically connects a physician's procedures to related synonyms, conditions, symptoms, and related variants. We also stitch together location-specific phrases, and keywords to create relevant, dynamic ad copy for every campaign.

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About our campaigns:

DoctorLogic works with doctors in both large and small markets across the United States. As our platform improves and grows, every customer gets the benefit. New customers are able to leverage our collective optimizations and proven strategies from day one.

  • Always In Sync
    We do it all. Campaigns sync directly with your website to ensure all campaigns are promoting the most up-to-date procedures and services.
  • ROI Focused
    Instead of talking about impressions and clicks, we're focused on the metrics that matter most to the practice, like conversions and new patients.
  • Precision Targeting
    We combine keyword and geo targeting to precisely target prospective patients, helping maximize a budget by focusing on consumers most likely to convert.

Intelligent Campaign Management

PPC Method

DoctorLogic’s team manages search marketing campaigns from initial setup to optimization and final analysis. We rely on human expertise and insights alongside computer algorithms to manage successful campaigns based on practice goals. We utilize all data available (including view-through and conversion data) to continually drive more successful and intelligent campaigns.

Every campaign is regularly reviewed and optimized to ensure maximum ROI. We prune poor performing keywords and ad copy, while adjusting bidding to achieve maximum visibility. We also tweak campaigns using data from aggregated campaign-data from similar practices in similar markets across the US.

Proven Results

DoctorLogic campaigns outperform the competition. We mean that. Our ability to target more keywords yields a lower cost per click. Combined with a higher conversion rate, our campaigns help you secure more paying patients.

  • More Keywords
    Our software generates thousands of relevant, exact match, long-tail keyword combinations for every campaign. Our average campaign has 30,000 unique keywords; our average competitor has 200.
  • Cost Savings
    Long-tail keywords tend to have lower competition and cost less per click. Triggering ads on exact match keywords allows us to efficiently spend ad budget only for the specific keywords that convert.
  • Higher Conversions
    We continually aggregate campaign data to improve our keyword targets, ad copy, bidding strategy, and landing pages. The result is that we deliver more conversions at a lower cost per acquisition.

Experience Matters

Google Partner

Since 2005, we’ve been perfecting our paid search platform. DoctorLogic is a certified Google Partner. This means that we have consistently demonstrated AdWords skill and expertise. It also means we’re up to date on Google's best practice and products. Individual team members that work on your campaigns have also individually passed Google AdWords certifications exams.

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