My revenue increased by $1.7 million.
All thanks to my website."
Dr. Rolando Morales
Rolando Morales, M.D.

DoctorLogic can increase leads, cases, and revenue by growing website content.

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  • The Internet has become a large part of marketing for medical practices - patients find and choose doctors online every day. Your practice's digital footprint matters more than ever. For Dr. Morales - we helped him add more patients by following a simple strategy: increase his website content, which would lead to more office visits.
  • We started by increasing the amount of content on his site ten-fold. Doing so helped us target thousands of keywords (people searching for his services), which ultimately lead to more contact from potential patients. This case study looks at the kind of content we produced for Dr. Morales and explains the results.

How do I start growing my business?

Dr. Morales approached DoctorLogic two years ago when he was only three years out of his residency program at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston, TX. He wanted to get his name out there and stop relying as much on his partners for business. Like most doctors in the early stages of their careers, Dr. Morales faced several challenges: limited funds, less experience, and not enough time to think about marketing.

DoctorLogic was the clear choice since Dr. Morales liked how he could use our software and platform to give himself a competitive advantage.

  • "It was time to get my career rolling.
  • I wanted to branch out on my own..."

We started with a stunning a design.

We then added content for locations, the doctor, his and services...

  • Location content
    To target patients in his market, we looked at Houston and the surrounding areas. We then wrote content that was relevant to potential patients in that area, which is what anchors his site to his market during web searches.
  • Profile content
    After conducting interviews with Dr. Morales and his team, we constructed professional profiles for Dr. Morales featuring his history and credentials. This is an easy way to establish trust and credibility.
  • Procedure content
    We then wrote 40 procedure pages for Dr. Morales to educate visitors on the services he offers. When a patient is researching plastic surgery, they will naturally want to find an authority on the subject.

and supported each with galleries, reviews, and videos.

The DoctorLogic team then worked with Dr. Morales to supplement his core content with galleries, reviews, and videos. Patients want to see examples of your work, what people are saying about your results, and see your dedication.

  • 360
    galleries published
  • 106
    reviews added
  • 10
    videos tagged

Combined - this created more keywords for his practice.

  • 3.8K
  • 8.3K
  • $32.7K
    traffic cost
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Which resulted in 7 times more leads.


More leads created more paying patients.

Dr. Morales 2 Year Results

Our method was simple - by increasing website content, we could target more keywords. More keywords created more leads for Dr. Morales. Once his practice had more consultations, they were able to book more surgeries. This led to a significant increase in Dr. Morales' business.

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